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The AIP runs a science-orientated events board for online and in-person events across Australia.  Please contact to get your event publicized today!

The AIP has two Zoom accounts, thanks to the generous sponsorship of AARNet. To book one of these accounts for your AIP event or meeting, please email

Upcoming events

    • 12 Aug 2022
    • 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Concord Golf Course 190 Majors Bay Rd Concord

    Join us for the inaugural joint Presidents’ Dinner between the NSW Branches of

    the RACI and the AIP in an evening of celebration, networking and recognition

    marked by the presentation of following awards. - RACI NSW Branch 2022 President’s Award - Nyholm Youth Lecturer Award

    Our members and guests will be treated to a generous 3-course meals and a line

    up of exceptional presenters.

    The RACI and AIP have a growing history of joint events brining together

    exceptional speakers providing our members and guests with informative talks

    and stimulating conversation in a relaxed and social environment. We do hope

    you can join us!


    AIP members discount code available, 22AIPMEMDISC

    • 18 Aug 2022
    • 1:00 PM
    • Online

    Title: Noncommuting charges: Bridging theory to experiment

    Speaker: Shayan Majidy (Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo, Canada)

    Zoom link (no registration required):

    Webinar ID: 873 5436 9449

    Passcode: tpseminar

    Abstract: Noncommuting conserved quantities have recently launched a subfield of quantum thermodynamics. In conventional thermodynamics, a system of interest and an environment exchange quantities– energy, particles, electric charge, etc.– that are globally conserved and are represented by Hermitian operators. These operators were implicitly assumed to commute with each other, until a few years ago. Freeing the operators to fail to commute has enabled many theoretical discoveries – about reference frames, entropy production, resource-theory models, etc. Little work has bridged these results from abstract theory to experimental reality. This work provides a methodology for building this bridge systematically: we present a prescription for constructing Hamiltonians that conserve noncommuting quantities globally while transporting the quantities locally. The Hamiltonians can couple arbitrarily many subsystems together and can be integrable or nonintegrable. Our Hamiltonians may be realized physically with superconducting qudits, with ultracold atoms, and with trapped ions.

    The list of upcoming and recorded talks in this series are available at

    • 21 Aug 2022
    • (KST)
    • 26 Aug 2022
    • (KST)
    • Online

    The Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) and the Korean Physical Society (KPS) are pleased to announce that the 15th Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC15) will be held on August 21 - 26, 2022, South Korea.

    APPC is the series of triennial conferences of AAPPS, covering all areas of physics. KPS hosts the 15th APPC in 2022. The 15th APPC will provide a forum to share and discuss physics researches and educations, promoting collaborations and friendship in Asia Pacific regions.

    More details here

    • 28 Sep 2022

    The Australian Institute of Physics NSW Branch and The Teachers’ Guild of NSW will host the 2022 STEM Education and Industry Forum on Wednesday 28th September at the Concord Golf Club.

    This forum will incorporate the theme Excellence in STEM Learning and will be cross-sectoral, including School Leaders, Primary and Secondary Teachers, Teachers of science, mathematics, engineering, technology, Careers advisors, Pre-service teachers, Vocational education teachers from both government and non-government schools including STEM industry groups.

    The forum aims to emphasise both networking (within focus areas and stages) and practical applications. There will be teach-meet mini lectures and networking opportunities focussing on industry engagement, curriculum updates including addresses on the interdisciplinary approach to learning ideas that will help educators to implement their own school’s STEM initiatives.

    The day will give teachers and school leaders an interdisciplinary approach to learning ideas that will help them implement their own school’s STEM initiatives and stimulate thinking and discussions about STEM education learning and real-world applications. The aim of the forum is an opportunity for educators to learn from leading educationalists.

    Please register here

    • 13 Nov 2022
    • (ACDT)
    • 16 Nov 2022
    • (ACDT)
    • Adelaide Convention Centre

    Welcome to A Festival of Science

    On behalf of the Organising Committee we take great pleasure in inviting you to the Engineering and Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference 2022 in Tarntanya; the name used by traditional owners, the Kaurna people, of the lands where Adelaide currently stands. We are excited to be planning an in-person conference to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 13-16 November 2022. The Conference theme will be "A Festival of Science".

    With this Conference being convened on the traditional country of the Kaurna people, the Organising Committee pay their respects to the Kaurna Elders past, present and future. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, and relationship with the land as well as their continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today. For this reason, the traditional name used by the Kaurna people, Tarntanya, will be employed in tandem with its more familiar form, Adelaide, by the Committee throughout this Conference to acknowledge our respect to the Karuna people.

    The Organising Committee also extends their respects to other Aboriginal and First Nations groups from whose lands we all presently occupy.

    For more details and registration information please see:

    • 21 Nov 2022
    • 25 Nov 2022

    Gordon Godfrey Workshop
    Spins, Topology and Strong Electron Correlations

    21st November - 25th November 2022

    School of Physics

    The University of New South Wales

    Sydney, Australia

    The topics of the 2021 (2022) Gordon Godfrey Workshop are:

    • Spins/pseudospins and correlations in low dimensional systems and nanostructures
    • Topological physics and materials
    • Phase transitions, Superconductivity, Bose condensation
    • Correlations in solids

    Register here

    • 21 Nov 2022
    • (JST)
    • 23 Nov 2022
    • (JST)
    • Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University Katahira 2-1-1, Aobaku, Sendai, 980-8577, Japan

    We are pleased to invite you to attend Asia-Pacific Condensed Matter Physics Conference 2022 (AC2MP2022).

    The second meeting of this series will be jointly organized by the Division of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP) and the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University. The DCMP aims at systematic and continuous exchanges to further develop condensed matter physics in the Asia-Pacific region. Condensed matter physics is one of the major parts of physics that covers a wide range of disciplines. It is constantly developing under vibrant interactions within various scientific areas and contributes to expanding human knowledge and developing society. For example, the Institute for Materials Research is one of the international centres of materials science and condensed matter physics. It operates the international collaboration program called GIMRT: Global Institute for Materials Research Tohoku.

    More details here

    • 11 Dec 2022
    • (ACDT)
    • 23 Dec 2022
    • (ACDT)
    • Adelaide Convention Centre

    Welcome to the website of the 24th Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics.

    AIPC 2022 will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, over Sunday 11th - Friday 16th December 2022, with the Pre-Conference Workshop and congress Reception taking place on Sunday, December 11th.

    The venue for AIPC 2022 is the Adelaide Convention Centre, conveniently located on the picturesque banks of the Torrens Lake in the heart of the city.

    For more information:

    • 7 Feb 2023
    • 4:00 PM
    • 10 Feb 2023
    • 1:00 PM
    • Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

    The 45th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting has been scheduled for 7-10th February 2023, in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

    The "Wagga 2023" Conference Organising Committee are pleased to announce that the 45th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting will now be held, in-person, from Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th February 2023 on its familiar site at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW.

    The meeting will be chaired jointly by Chris Ling (University of Sydney) and Trevor Finlayson (University of Melbourne). Let’s compensate for the lost years due to COVID-19 by making “Wagga 2023” the biggest edition ever!

    The organising committee may be contacted via  We welcome suggestions and recommendations for invited and keynote speakers.  Contributed papers are encouraged in all areas of condensed matter and materials research.  Students are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts for oral presentations.

    For all information, visit the webpage:

    Key dates

    Abstracts and registration open 5th August 2022
    Abstracts close
    1st October 2022
    Notification of presentation type
    1st November 2022
    Registration closes
    1st December 2022