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The Walter Boas, TH Laby, and Bragg Gold Medals layed out in a triangular pattern

Annual Medals and Awards

The following medals and awards are offered each year:

  • The Walter Boas Medal for excellence in original research that makes important contribution to physics in Australia.

  • The C.N. Yang Award has been established to honor young researchers with prominent research achievements and to promote the development of leaders in physics in the Asia Pacific region.

Biennial Medals and Awards

The following awards are awarded  in even numbered years: 

  • The Women in Leadership Medal to recognise a female physicist in academia, industry or government, who has inspired or mentored early career physicists and/or developed more equitable workplaces in Australia. 
  • The Physics Communication Award to recognise an excellent communicator who shares their outcomes of their work to a broader audience, and makes the public aware of the excitement and importance of physics.


The following honours are awarded by the AIP on a case-by-case basis.

    Fellows of the AIP
    Fellowship of the AIP recognises significant and acknowledged contributions to the field of physics. See our Public Fellows List here.

    Honorary Fellows of the AIP

    Honorary Fellowships have been awarded to distinguished persons intimately connected with physics, or a science allied thereto, whom the AIP especially desires to honour for outstanding services in connection with that science.

    Student Travel Award

    The following awards are awarded by the AIP on a a case-by-case basis. 

    Students members are eligible to apply for student travel awards. The details for this award is found under member benefits and services

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