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AIP Federal Executive

List of AIP Executive members since its formation.

From left to right – Jodie Bradby, Gerd Schröder-Turk, Stephan Rachel, Nicole Bell, Judith Pollard, Kirrily Rule, Tim van der Laan, Joanna Turner, Stephen Collins.

People who assist the AIP Executive

  • 22 Jul 2022 5:44 PM | Anonymous

    The AIP 2022 National Executive has put forward the following nominations:

    Nicole Bell (as President)

    Kirrily Rule (as Honorary Secretary)

    Stephen Collins (as Honorary Registrar)

    Joanna Turner (as Awards Officer)

    The positions of Honorary Treasurer and Vice President are open and will be advised. All positions will be decided at the Annual General Meeting of the AIP in February 2023.

AIP Branches

ACT Branch

    NSW Branch

    QLD Branch

    SA Branch

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    WA Branch

    AIP Groups

    Group committees can be found on their individual group pages.  

    Atomic and Molecular Physics (ATMOP)

    Condensed Matter & Materials (CMM)

    Nuclear and Particle Physics (NUPP)

    Physics Education (PEG)

    Quantum Science and Technology (QST)

      Solar Terrestrial and Space Physics (STSP) 

      The Group for Astroparticle Physics (GAP)

      Theoretical Physics Group (TPG)

      Diversity and Equity Group In Australian Physics( DEGAP)

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