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The Australian Institute of Physics accredits universities across Australia, upholding the standard of physics education in Australia. The aim of accreditation is to support the universities in providing high-quality physics education. Accreditation occurs every 5 years from the date of accreditation.  Graduates with qualifications from accredited universities are automatically eligible for admission to the grade of Member of the AIP (i.e. MAIP).

If you would like to know more, please contact the AIP registrar on

Accreditation Documentation

Universities within Australia seeking accreditation of a degree by the AIP should consult the following document, here.

Accredited Universities with Physics Courses

A list of accredited universities can be found here.

Accreditation Committee

The accreditation process is overseen by the Accreditation Manager, Prof Tim McIntyre. The members of the Accreditation Committee, from which panels are formed, are:

  • A/Prof Heiko Timmers, UNSW Canberra
  • Prof John Holdsworth, Newcastle Univ.
  • Prof Deb Kane, Australian National University
  • Prof Michael Wheatland, Univ. Sydney
  • Prof Tim Mclntyre, UQ
  • A/Prof Jamie Trapp, QUT
  • Dr Margaret Wegener, UQ
  • A/Prof Murray Hamilton, Univ Adelaide
  • Prof Maria Parappilly, Flinders Univ.
  • Dr Peter Jarvis, University of Tasmania
  • Prof Stephen Collins, Victoria University
  • Dr Brenton Hall, Swinburne University
  • Prof Salvy Russo, RMIT
  • Prof Martin Sevior, Univ Melbourne
  • A/Prof Nigel Marks, Curtin University
  • Prof Jingbo Wang, UWA

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