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First Asia-Pacific IUPAP event on IUPAP 100 anniversary

  • 12 Jul 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 3:10 PM (JST)
  • Online

In 1922, Japan was the sole founding member of the IUPAP from the Asia-Pacific region. Today, IUPAP is represented by 17 members from this region. The Asia-Pacific region containing over 70% of global population is incredibly diverse in terms of culture, economic development, educational and scientific infrastructure etc. This is accompanied by very different levels of development in terms of socio-economic and educational indices. These challenges have meant that the movement of people, and scientific collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region has been significantly lower than other regions of the world. However, better scientific communication and exchange in the Asia-Pacific region within the framework of IUPAP-100 has the potential to stimulate growth of physics, which in turn can promote scientific interaction and enhance mutual understanding for the transformation of this region. The celebration of IUPAP-100 offers a perfect platform to build on the existing strong physics infrastructure of many of the countries in this region for reaching out to lesser developed countries by first starting a dialog and then helping out through an understanding of the problems faced by specific regions and then together searching for solutions. Thus, the present meeting could become a nucleating centre to address the problems of development and gender diversity in the
Asia-Pacific region.

More details are available here

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