AIP Federal Executive

Other people who assist the AIP Executive:

AIP Branches

ACT Branch:
Chair: Matt Woolley,
Vice Chair: Andrey Miroshnichenko,
Secretary: Wayne Hutchison,
Treasurer: Sean Hodgman,
Committee:  Rod Boswell, Mohsen Rahmani, Ashley Ruiter and Peter Price.
NSW Branch:
Chair: Dr Frederick Osman,
Vice Chair: Dr Graeme Melville
Secretary: Dr Matthew Arnold,
Treasurer: Dr Phil Burns,
Committee: Scott Martin, Michael Lerch, and Timothy Van der Laan, Graeme Melville
QLD Branch:
Chair: Joel Alroe,
Vice Chair:  Scott Adamson
Secretary: Joanna Turner
Treasurer: Igor Litvinyuk,
Committee: Till Weinhold,Simon Critchley, Austin Lund, Jacinda Ginges, Nunzio Motta, and Carolyn Brown.
Student representative: Scott Hoffman
SA Branch:
Chair: Sarah Harmer-Bassell,
Vice Chair: David Ottaway
Secretary: Laurence Campbell,
Treasurer: Murray Hamilton,
Committee: Andrew MacKinnon, Gunther Andersson, Laurence Stamatescu, Bruce Wedding, Jamie Quinton, Jack Moran, Zoe Pettifer
TAS Branch:
Chair: Dr Stanislav Shabala ,
Vice Chair: Mr Jason Dicker
Secretary: Prof Simon Ellingsen,
Treasurer: Dr Elizabeth Chelkowska,
Committee:  Dr Andrew Cole, Dr Raymond Haynes, and Mr Jonathan Rogers
VIC Branch:
Chair:  Gail Iles,
Vice Chair:  Daniel Langley
Secretary:  Matthew Lay,
Treasurer:  Geoff Cousland,
Committee:  John Thornton, Amanda Perdomo, Anton Tadich, Mark Edmonds
Student Representatives:  Emma Gill, Thomas Venville, Kyla Rutherford 
WA Branch:
Chair: Dean Leggo,
Vice Chair: Mitchell Chiew and Tristan Ward,
Treasurer:  Drew Parsons,
Secretary: Andrea F. Biondo,
Committee: Kirsten Emory,  Philipp Schönhöfer, Kathryn Wilson, Justin Freeman, Loughlan Weatherly, Diana Tomazos, John Chapman, Marjan Zadnik, Gerd Schröder-Turk

AIP Group committees can be found on their individual group pages.   The current convenors are: