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Quantum stochastic resonance of individual Fe atoms, Susan Coppersmith (UNSW)

19 Jul 2021 1:13 PM | Deleted user

Abstract: Stochastic resonance, where noise synchronizes a system’s response to an external drive, is a phenomenon that occurs in a wide variety of noisy systems ranging from the dynamics of neurons to the periodicity of ice ages. In this webinar Susan Coppersmith will present theory and experiments on a quantum system that exhibits stochastic resonance — the quantum tunneling of the magnetization of a single Fe atom measured using spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy. Stochastic resonance is shown deep in the quantum regime, where fluctuations are driven by tunneling of the magnetization, as well as in a semi-classical crossover region where thermal excitations set in. Combining theory and experiment enables one to probe the dynamics on time scales shorter than can be resolved experimentally.

Click here to watch the recording on YouTube.

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