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Look up! Women in Physics hits Adelaide, Newcastle & Brisbane

1 Sep 2022 12:00 PM | Anonymous

Free public talks in Sep as part of 2022 Women in Physics Lecture Tour in SA, WA,*** NSW and QLD

QLD events will also be streamed online

What’s the difference between a meteoroid, meteor, and meteorite? How do you measure quakes on Mars and what do they tell us about the structure of Mars’ interior? How do you go about it if you want to work with NASA?

Find out from planetary scientist Associate Professor Katarina Miljkovic, our 2022 Women in Physics Lecturer.

She’ll be giving free public talks this month in Adelaide, Perth*** , Newcastle, and Brisbane. Everyone is invited. The events in Brisbane are a reschedule from the cancelled July dates.

Katarina will be talking about her modelling work on impact processes and cratering mechanics, and how these affect the evolution of planets. She will also provide insights on her involvement in billion-dollar space missions and her unique career path.

She was a co-author on a recent Nature paper that traced the source of a Mars meteorite that crashed into Africa.

Register to attend her public talks:

* The talk at Curtin University will follow an expo featuring science demonstrations and hands-on activities in physics, featuring impact craters, rocks from space, and space exploration.

** This is a physics colloquium geared towards those with physics training.

*** Curtin University talk rescheduled for 1 Dec due to the new 22 Sep public holiday.

As part of her lecture tour, Katarina will also give private talks to high school students and participate in afternoon teas with university students studying physics and early career researchers.

Read more about Katarina and the lecture tour here.

Know a brilliant female physicist who you can nominate for the 2023 Women in Physics Lectureship? Details and how to nominate here.
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