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Find the career path that suits you!

Think that studying physics at university only limits you to a career in research? Think again. Your physics training gets you further than you think. 

Explore the different career pathways physics could possibly lead you on by reading the career profiles of physics graduates. We feature a different physics graduate each month in our monthly AIP newsletter bulletin. Some are also featured in our quarterly Australian Physics magazine.

From post-war downturn to ‘renaissance’ of the 60s: a life focused on optics

Emeritus Professor Ross C McPhedran – Lifetime Fellow of the AIP

“I opted to do Physics, despite being told I was mad. It was a time when physicists were begging in the streets as there was a downturn in demand for physicists, due to weapons treaties between the US and the USSR,” says AIP Lifetime Fellow, Ross McPhedran.

Ross’ career then joined the ‘renaissance’ of optics “partly due to the invention of the laser and its emerging applications like holography and metrology,” he says.

Read more about Ross’ career highlights and tips.

Would you like to share how physics shaped your career? Or nominate someone you know with a career path that grew from physics?

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Working in state government as a STEM ambassador:

Read Prof Tien Kieu MP's profile here.


Building and managing supercomputers that process seismic data:

Read Dr Stuart Midgely's profile here

Science-related business

Co-founding and being CEO of a lab instrument company:

Read Prof Daniel Shaddock's profile here


Applying non-linear dynamical systems theory to infectious disease data:

Read Dr James McCaw's profile here

Technical writing

Creating documentation for hydroacoustic data analysis software:

Read Dr Vasaant Krishnan's profile here


Analysing labour market trends for the Department of Education:

Read Dr Sarah Midgley OAM's profile here


Overseeing the daily running of the AIP, including managing finances: 

Read Nicole Reynolds' profile here

Science communication

Performing physics comedy and being a comms advisor:

Read Rachel Rayner's profile here.

Patent law

Establishing and maintaining patents for innovative research and work:

Read Dr Phil Burns' profile here

Medical physics

Specialising in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapy:

Read Dr Shermiyah Rienecker's profile here


Treating unwell children in a paediatric intensive care unit: 

Read Dr Rebecca Pearce's profile here

Cyber security

Guiding banks to secure themselves against cyber threats:  

Read Sarah Lugay's profile here

You could also have a career in Data Analysis, Regulation/Quality monitoring, Veterinary Medicine, Philosophy, Training, Visual Effects, and more.

Explore more career profiles here:

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