Condensed Matter & Materials (CMM)

Apart from the occasional need to provide representation for Australian CMM scientists, the aim of the group is to organise the annual CMM “Wagga” meeting which is most often held in February at the Wagga Wagga campus of the Charles Sturt University, and occasionally in New Zealand. This is an informal, low-cost meeting at which students and early career researchers are encouraged to present their work and gain experience in chairing sessions. There is a special emphasis on poster sessions and, since 2003, participants have been invited to submit their work as refereed (“E1” category), on-line publications that can be accessed on the national Australian Institute of Physics web site.

The abstracts from the“Wagga” meeting can be downloaded here.

Click here to view the full CMM Group web site with its topical announcements, images and information from previous Wagga meetings, and useful information for future “Wagga” organisers.