Atomic and Molecular Physics (ATMOP)

What does Atomic and Molecular Physics cover?

It includes theory, experiment, or technology in areas of atomic and molecular physics, such as:

  • Atomic Spectroscopy and Collision Physics
  • Molecular Spectroscopy and Collision Physics
  • Ultracold Atomic and Molecular Gas Physics
  • Related experimental techniques (equipment and analysis)
  • Related theoretical and computational techniques

Many of these ATMOP areas naturally have overlap with the AIP-QUICC group and also the AOS society, and we encourage you to join them.

Who can join ATMOP?

Any member of AIP can join, at no extra charge. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up via AIP Member Online . Click on the  ‘Sign In’ button and log in with your membership info, then click on ‘Members Area’ and then click on ‘Topical Groups’. Please take the time to do this as it gives the AIP a gauge of how much interest there is in ATMOP across Australia and beyond. As of 2016 we have 209 signed-up ATMOP members.

ATMOP Communication – email list

An email list is maintained at The University of Queensland. All ATMOP members and interested non-AIP friends are invited to subscribe themselves to the list via the aip-atmop email list. New AIP-ATMOP members will be added periodically each year. Email traffic to this list will be kept to a minimum, for example: atmop committee notices, conference notices, overseas visitors, positions vacant. As of 2016 the email list has over 300 subscribers.

ATMOP Communication – social media

We intend to maintain a presence online, which is more ideal for dynamic information such as employment wanted, research papers, etc.

What does ATMOP do?

For Australian physicists interested in ATMOP, it will build our sense of community, promote our interests and help co-ordinate our activities. For example:

  • The ATMOP chair represents the field and reports at the (two-day) annual general meeting of the AIP.
  • It will look after the representation of our field in the biennial AIP Congress
  • It may organize its own meetings, and joint meetings or sessions with other topical groups or cognate societies of the AIP.
  • It can assist with ATMOP related conferences and workshops obtaining financial support through the AIP Conference Support Scheme with other topical groups or cognate societies of the AIP.
  • It will maintain this web page, email lists, and social media, to enable sharing of information about relevant activities in Australia.
ATMOP Committee 2019-20
  • Chair: Dr. Jacinda Ginges (UQ)
  • Vice-chair: A/Prof. James Sullivan (ANU)
  • Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: Prof. Dmitry Fursa (Curtin)
  • ATMOP Programme Committee:
    Dr. Julian Berengut (UNSW), Dr. Jesper Levinsen (Monash), Prof. Xia-Ji Liu (Swinburne), Prof. Andre Luiten (Adelaide), Prof. Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop (UQ), Prof. Andrew Truscott (ANU), Prof. Chris Vale (Swinburne).
ATMOP Committee 2017-2018
  • Chair: Prof. Chris Vale (Swinburne)
  • Vice-chair: Dr. Jacinda Ginges (University of Sydney)
  • Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: Prof. Dmitry Fursa (Curtin)
  • ATMOP Programme Committee:
    Dr. Julian Berengut (UNSW), Dr. Michael Bromley (UQ), Prof. Igor Litvinyuk (Griffith), Dr. Meera Parish (Monash), Prof. Xia-Ji Liu (Swinburne), A/Prof. James Sullivan (ANU), Prof. Andre Luiten (Adelaide).
ATMOP Committee 2015-2016
  • Chair: Dr. Michael Bromley, UQ
  • Vice-chair: vacant
  • Honorary Secretary-Treasurer: vacant
  • ATMOP Programme Committee:
    A/Prof. James Sullivan (ANU), Dr. Joshua Machacek (ANU),
    Prof. Chris Vale (SU), Dr. Berwyck Poad (QUT), Dr. Stephen Gibson (ANU), Dr. John McFerran (UWA), Prof. Igor Litvinyuk (GU)
ATMOP Group History

ATMOP was established by Prof. Birgit Lohman, however it existed as AMPQC, ie. including Quantum Chemistry, for many years before that.

  • 2010-2015 Chair: Dr. Stephen Gibson (ANU), with congress assistance from A/Prof. James Sullivan.
  • 2004-2010 Chair: Dr. Julian Lower (ANU)
  • Inaugural Chair: Prof. Birgit Lohman (Griffith, now at USC)