There is a wide range of  benefits for being a member of the AIP.

Membership for any year becomes due on 1 January of that year.

New members joining from 1 July pay 50% of the subscription and have membership to 31 December of that year.

New members joining from 1 November pay the subscription for the following year and have membership to 31 December of the following year.

If you’re already a member of one of our cognate societies the AIP is pleased to offer a discount on the regular fee.


To renew your membership of the AIP before 31 March or to access and amend your AIP membership record, please click here.

You will be connected to the AIP secretariat at, where you can access your record by clicking on “Sign In”, providing your credentials, and then clicking on “Members Area.”


If your membership has not been renewed by 31 March, you are classified as a lapsed member and no longer have access to your AIP membership record. To reactivate your membership, please email the Secretariat at or phone on 0478 260 533 to
request an invoice. If your membership is being reactivated after a lapse of a year or more, payment of back-dues is appreciated but not required.


The AIP offers various types of membership:

Member (MAIP)

This is the normal professional grade for practicing physicists, and anyone who has completed an AIP-accredited undergraduate degree is automatically eligible.

Full-time postgraduate students (e.g. in a PhD, MPhil or Masters course) are offered a substantial discount on the standard fee .

Formally, candidates for admission to the grade of Member shall have either (i) obtained a bachelor degree or equivalent (or a bachelor degree with Honours) with physics as a major subject ; or (ii) shall have obtained a bachelor degree or diploma with a major in a cognate discipline (including astronomy and astrophysics, physical sciences, chemistry, geophysics, materials science, engineering, mathematics) and have at least three years professional experience in a role requiring a knowledge of physics (including teaching). To apply for Membership of the AIP, please complete the online application form.

Fellow (FAIP)

Fellowship of the AIP recognises significant and acknowledged contributions to the field of physics. Contributions will normally include at least 10 years professional experience in (i) research and/or teaching; (ii) applications of physics in industry; (iii) leadership in industry or government; (iv) outreach and service to physics. Applicants need to have a Proposer and a Seconder (or Supporter), both of whom need to be Fellows and both of whom need to know the applicant personally. To apply for Fellowship of the AIP, please complete the Online Application Form .

Other ways of belonging (without voting rights):

Undergraduate Student Associate

Free online-only associate membership is offered for undergraduate students, including Honours students, studying physics. (Those that have already obtained an undergraduate degree with a Physics major are no-longer considered ‘Student Associates’ even when conducting PhD, MPhil and Masters courses; in this situation the MAIP category as full-time student is appropriate.) To join online click here.


For those with qualifications that do not satisfy MAIP requirements then the Associate category is applicable. This is available to anyone with an interest in physics. To apply for Associate Membership of the AIP, please complete the online application form.

FEE Schedule

2019*  2020**
Category Late renewal Early payment & new members Standard renewal
Fellow $278 $272 $282
Fellow with cognate $252 $246 $256
Fellow retired†/overseas $130 $124 $134
Fellow retired†/overseas with cognate $118 $112 $122
Member $216 $210 $220
Member with cognate $196 $188 $198
Member retired†/overseas $114 $106 $116
Member retired†/overseas with cognate $104 $94 $104
Member full-time student $60 $50 $60
Member FT student with cognate $56 $46 $56
Associate $128 $118 $128
Associate with cognate $114 $106 $116
Associate retired†/overseas $68 $58 $68
Associate retired†/overseas with cognate $62 $52 $62
Associate full-time student $60 $50 $60
Undergraduate full-time student Free Free

*New members joining from 1 November 2019 pay the 2020 rate and have membership to 31 December 2020

**New members joining from 1 July 2020 pay 50% of the 2020 rate and have membership to 31 December 2020