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Welcome to an exciting NSWAIP 2019

Welcome to the website of the NSW branch of the Australian Institute of Physics. The NSW branch is very active and this will indeed be another exciting year.

AIP NSW Office Bearers for 2019:

Chair: Dr Fred Osman

Deputy Chair: Dr Graeme Melville (listen to some of his radio interviews: Exoplanets;   Earth’s Pole Reversal – ABC Wollongong;  Earth’s Pole Reversal – ABC Adelaide

Secretary: Associate Professor Matthew Arnold

Treasurer: Dr Phil Burns

Committee Member: Dr Scott Martin

Committee Member: Associate Professor Michael Lerch

Committee Member: Dr Timothy Van der Laan

Website Manager: Dr Graeme Melville

Please view our calendar and details of coming and past events below. More details will become available as we get closer to the event.

2019 NSWAIP Event Calendar

Approaching 2019 Event Details

  • ANSTO Tour and Public Lecture – Tues 25 June 5 pm. See FLYER. The Square Kilometre Array: Australia’s international mega science project by Dr Sarah Pearce. Sarah manages the CSIRO SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Centre that co-ordinates CSIRO SKA activities.
  • Physics in the Pub – This is a very popular NSWAIP event.
    The 2019 event will be held at the ‘Friend in Hand Hotel’, 58 Cowper St, Glebe, on Wednesday 7th August from 6:30 pm.

Past 2019 Events

  • Public Talk by Prof Heinrich Hora Initiative Against Climatic Change by Lasers Based on 2018 Physics Nobel Prize?’ Friday 8 March 2019 at 6 pm. See flyer for details.
  • Public LectureBiophysics at the nanoscale, one molecule at a time by Prof Antoine van Oijen on Thurs 30 May, University of Wollongong. See FLYER.

Past Events (2018) 

NSWAIP 2018 Annual Chair Report 

Student Prizes

The NSWAIP gives out a number of  prizes each year including:

2018 Community Outreach to Physics Award – this has been won by CSIRO researcher Dr Scott Martin.