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The AIP-QLD is looking for nominations of Physics teachers that have made a positive impact to teaching Physics to students at the high school level by anyone of the following criteria.

  1. Promote student interest in physics by providing an environment that stimulates student curiosity and learning.
  2. Use, develop or write innovative instructional materials and new technologies and approaches to the teaching of physics.
  3. Be a positive role model or mentor for other teachers of physics.
  4. Participate in professional development activities in science as a facilitator and continuous development as an effective science educator, with a focus on physics.

If you have a colleague, a former teacher of your own, or have heard of an inspiring teacher in your circle of friends, please consider nominating them for this years award by filling out the nomination form and sending this nomination (or any inquiries) by email to:

The award consists of a cash prize, plaque and certificate.

Nominations close Friday 24 July 2020.

QLD Excellence in PHYSICS TEACHing AWARD 2019

We received several outstanding nominations last year and are very pleased to announce Richard Walding as the prize winner for our 2019 Excellence in Physics Teaching Award.

The award recognises outstanding efforts by Queensland physics teachers in stimulating student engagement with physics, developing innovative teaching resources or techniques as an effective educator, and/or mentoring and facilitating the development of other physics educators.

Richard’s contributions have been particularly noteworthy including the development of the Oxford Senior Physics texts and extensive online resources for students and teachers. He helped create the Physics Discussion List and continues to have an active role, offering advice to fellow educators. In addition, he has contributed to state-level curriculum development and oversight and has been very active in delivering physics education seminars for teachers both locally and overseas.

So we sincerely congratulate Richard and thank him for his contributions to physics education!

We will be calling for nominations for the 2020 Excellence in Physics Teaching award in coming months.