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July 2018

The Arrow of Time: Why is the Future Different from the Past?

July Lectures in Physics Over the past 50 years the July Lectures in Physics have addressed advances in physics. The arrow of time points relentlessly from the past into the future. But what is the arrow of time? What is the role of entropy and the second law of thermodynamics that compels entropy to always increase as time passes and so distinguishes the past from the future? This lecture looks at highlights from 50 years of our July Lectures where…

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The Legacy of Stephen Hawking and the Prospects for the Great Reconciliation

July Lectures in Physics This lecture looks at how understanding the very strange physics of black holes, where the fabric of space and time is stretched and distorted, may help us understand the big problem of how quantum mechanics about the very small and general relativity about the very large may be reconciled. Can we say our understanding of the laws of physics is complete? Will this long overdue reconciliation be achieved in the near future? This lecture is part…

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The Rise of Cosmology and Particle Physics: Is our Present Understanding of the Universe about to be Replaced?

July Lectures in Physics Over the past 50 years explanations for the origin and evolution of the universe have provided us with new insights into particle physics and the fundamental building blocks of nature. But an understanding of the matter-antimatter asymmetry and the nature of dark matter remain elusive. The next 50 years promises an even deeper convergence of particle physics and cosmology to answer the big questions that will need new physics beyond the Standard Model. This lecture is…

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Quantum Mechanics and Biology: What are the Prospects?

July Lectures in Physics The rise of quantum technology brings with it exciting new opportunities in computation and communication. Now biology is set to benefit from this revolution. This lecture looks at how quantum technology and biology are coming together to provide new insights into how birds navigate and how living organisms assemble incredibly complex structures. In addressing these questions, we will explore where this technological revolution can take us in the coming decades. This lecture is part of the…

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