There is a wide range of  benefits for being a member of the AIP.


To renew your membership of the AIP or to access and amend your AIP membership record, please click here.

You will be connected to the AIP secretariat at, where you can access your record by clicking on “Sign In”, providing your credentials, and then clicking on “Members Area.”


The AIP offers five grades of membership:

  1. Student Member

Free online-only membership, without voting rights, for undergraduate students, including Honours students, studying physics. To join online click here.

2. Associate Member

Associate Membership is available to (i) recent graduates in cognate disciplines (including astronomy and astrophysics, physical sciences, chemistry, geophysics, materials science, engineering, mathematics); and (ii) those who have a strong interest in physics. To apply for Associate Membership of the AIP, please complete the online application form.

3. Member (MAIP)

This is the normal professional grade for practicing physicists. Candidates for admission to the grade of Member shall have either (i) obtained a bachelor degree or a diploma with physics as a major subject; or (ii) shall have obtained a bachelor degree or diploma with a major in a cognate discipline (including astronomy and astrophysics, physical sciences, chemistry, geophysics, materials science, engineering, mathematics) and have at least three years professional experience in a role requiring a knowledge of physics (including teaching). To apply for Membership of the AIP, please complete the online application form.

4. Fellow (FAIP)

Fellowship of the AIP recognises significant and acknowledged contributions to the field of physics. Contributions will normally include at least 10 years professional experience in (i) research and/or teaching; (ii) applications of physics in industry; (iii) leadership in industry or government. To apply for Fellowship of the AIP, please send a completed version of the Fellowship Application Form to the AIP Registrar

5. Corporate Member

This membership category is available to companies and government agencies on an annual subscription basis. Benefits include:

– stamp on front page of AIP website acknowledging Corporate Membership

– a free full page advertisement in the publication Australian Physics upon initiation of Corporate Membership

– free posting of job advertisements on the AIP website and in Australian Physics

– opportunity to set up a booth at the AIP Congress without charge

To apply for Corporate Membership, please contact the AIP Registrar

FEE Schedule

2017  2017
Category New Members Standard renewal
Fellow $258 $268
Fellow with cognate $232 $242
Fellow retired†/overseas $112 $122
Fellow retired†/overseas with cognate $100 $110
Member $198 $208
Member with cognate $178 $188
Member retired†/overseas $100 $110
Member retired†/overseas with cognate $90 $100
Member full-time student $50 $60
Member FT student with cognate $44 $54
Associate $112 $122
Associate with cognate $100 $110
Associate retired/overseas $56 $66
Associate retired/overseas with cognate $50 $60
Associate full-time student $50 $60
Undergraduate full-time student Free Free