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 16 research fellowships

The ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET) aims to reduce the energy used by electronics by developing novel devices based on topological materials, exciton/exciton-polariton condensates, and non-equilibrium topological and superfluid phenomena. The FLEET program will span from ultra-cold atom quantum test-beds to prototype devices nano-fabricated using atomically thin materials.

An important part of FLEET’s mission is to create and maintain an inclusive working environment that resolves the conflict of research and family life. In particular, we offer women-specific mentoring programs and other career support initiatives for female scientists to create gender equity at the workplace and retain women in STEM. FLEET’s Equity and Diversity policy can be found here and will be followed through the recruitment process, subject to variations according to respective policies at individual institutions. We strongly encourage female scientists to join our team.

Over the next seven years, FLEET will recruit over 100 research fellows and higher degree research students. You will not only be connected to the global FLEET network, but also able to access our comprehensive training and mentoring programs. Find out other benefits of working with FLEET.

  • Perform high impact research
  • Build the future of electronics
  • Train to be a future science leader

We offer:

  • Women in FLEET fellowships with additional research support
  • Generous top-up scholarships to high performing Higher-Degree-Research students
  • Internships and research opportunities with our global partners
  • Comprehensive training and mentoring program.

We currently have 16 research fellowships available for talented postdoctoral scientists with backgrounds in Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Electronic Engineering and other equivalent fields. These positions are offered across FLEET’s nodes located at Monash University, University of New South Wales, RMIT University, Swinburne University, Australian National University and University of Wollongong. We anticipate additional opportunities with FLEET and our partners, and encourage those with relevant experience to submit expressions of interest. To make your mark in this exciting program,


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