AIP Federal Executive

Other people who assist the AIP Executive:

AIP Branches

ACT Branch:
Chair: Matt Woolley,
Vice Chair: vacant
Secretary: Wayne Hutchison,
Treasurer: Sean Hodgman,
Committee: Hans Bachor, Rod Boswell, Mohsen Rahmani and Peter Price.
NSW Branch:
Chair: Dr Frederick Osman,
Vice Chair: Dr Graeme Melville
Secretary: Dr Matthew Arnold,
Treasurer: Dr Phil Burns,
Committee: Scott Martin, Michael Lerch, Robert Raposio, Erin Munn and Timothy Van der Laan
QLD Branch:
Chair: Till Weinhold,
Vice Chair: Joel Alroe ,
Secretary: Joanna Turner
Treasurer: Igor Litvinyuk,

Scott Adamson,
Simon Critchley,
Austin Lund,
Nunzio Motta, and
Carolyn Brown.

SA Branch:
Chair: Andrew MacKinnon,
Vice Chair: Sarah Harmer-Bassell
Secretary: Laurence Campbell,
Treasurer: Murray Hamilton,
Committee: Gunther Andersson,  Kristopher Rowland, David Ottaway , Laurence Stamatescu, Shahraam Afshar
TAS Branch:
Chair: Mr Jason Dicker,
Vice Chair: Prof Peter Wilson
Secretary: Dr Andrew Klekociuk,
Treasurer: Dr Stephen Newbery,
Committee: Prof Clive Baldock, Dr Elizabeth Chelkowska, Dr Andrew Cole, Mr Mathew Creese, Prof Simon Ellingsen, Dr Raymond Haynes, Mr Jonathan Rogers and Dr Stas Shabala
VIC Branch:
Chair: Anton Tadich,
Vice Chair: Brenton Hall
Secretary: Mark Edmonds,
Treasurer: Geoff Cousland,
Committee: John Thornton, Daniel Langley, Amanda Perdomo, Gail Iles, Steve Yianni
Student Representative: Glen West
WA Branch:
Chair: Gerd Schröder-Turk,
Vice Chair: Dean Leggo
Treasurer: Elaine Walker,
Secretary: Andrea F. Biondo,
Committee: Kirsten Emory, Tristan Ward, Philipp Schönhöfer, Kathryn Wilson, Justin Freeman, Loughlan Weatherly, Diana Tomazos, John Chapman, Marjan Zadnik


AIP Group committees can be found on their individual group pages.   The current convenors are: