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Welcome from the QLD Branch Committee 2017

The newly elected QLD Branch committee for 2017 will take up its activities with its first branch meeting in February.

Planned activities for the year are:

John Mainstone Yourh Lecture Tour, for which we have secured our two speakers Helen Maynard-Casely  from ANSTO. Helen will be our main speaker for 2017 and travel the vast stretches of Queensland from the south east corner starting at the Gold Coast to the far north reaching Cairns.
Our second speaker is Sean Powell of QUT   who also presented at our Careers Evening in 2016. Sean will do the Mt. Isa part of our tour this year and will do the main tour in 2017.

If you are a teacher at a QLD high school and would like to discuss the possibility of the John Mainstone Lecture Tour visiting your area either this year or in 2018, please contact the Branch Chair or secretary.

We will also be holding a careers evening again this year with speakers and location to be determined. If you are interested in attending, please like and follow our Facebook Page, and watch the announcements for future details.
If you would like to propose potential presenters, please email the Branch Chair.

Women in Physics: We will also be hosting and coordinating a lecture series of the AIP’s Women In Physics Lecturer. The timeline for these will be published once the lecturer has been selected and their availability has been confirmed. If you are interested to host the WiP lecturer for either a school presentation, a public talk or a colloquium, please contact the Branch Chair.

During August the Branch Committee will also select the Queensland Nominee for the Bragg Gold Medal. The Bragg Gold Medal is awarded each year for the graduating student from an Australian University with the best PhD thesis in Physics.

We will also again be awarding the Queensland Branch  AIP Certificates for Excellence in Physics. These awards are made to high school students achieving a VHA4 or higher at Verification.
The call for nominations will be made in September 2017.





Welcome to an exciting NSWAIP 2017

Welcome to the website of the NSW branch of the Australian Institute of Physics. The NSW branch is very active and this will indeed be an exciting year.

Please view our calendar and details of coming and past events below.

2017 Event Dates:

  • AIP Boas Medal Seminar: Wednesday 15 March
  • AIP Physics in the Pub: Tuesday 20 June
  • AIP / RACI Joint Seminar: Tuesday 1 August
  • WIP Lectures – by Dr Katie Mack: Mon 31 July – Thurs 3 Aug. Details to follow.
  • Einstein Lecture 2017: Wednesday 16 August at 6 pm  (Public Lecture by Dr Karl at the fabulous new Nanoscience Hub in the School of Physics, Sydney University).
  • AIP Industry Day: Thursday 9 November
  • AIP Postgraduate Awards + AGM: Tuesday 14 November

Hope to see many people at our spectacular events this year.

Student Prizes

The NSWAIP gives out a number of  prizes each year including:    2018 AIP NSW Eligibility Criteria for Student Prizes entitled Best Graduating Student.

PAST Events so far this year:

AIP NSW Office Bearers for 2017:

Chair: Dr Matthew Arnold

Deputy Chair: Professor Les Kirkup

Secretary: Dr Frederick Osman

Treasurer: Mrs Erin Munn

Committee Member: Dr Chris Garvey

Committee Member: Dr Phil Burns

Committee Member: Dr Scott Martin

Committee Member: Dr Graeme Melville

Committee Member: Associate Professor Michael Lerch

Committee Member: Mr Boris Jovanoic

Committee Member: Mr Stephen Foster

Website Manager: Dr Graeme Melville


Victorian Branch Nobel Lecture and Annual General Meeting (AGM) 1 Dec

Due to a clash with the Australian Synchrotron User’s Meeting, the Victorian Branch Nobel Lecture and Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been postponed. They will now be held on Thursday 1stDecember at Swinburne.

The Nobel Lecture will be given by Prof. Michael Fuhrer.

 Date: Thursday the 1st of December 2016

Venue: Swinburne University, Hawthorn campus, BA building, BA201 (enter from Burwood Road)

Time: lecture 6.30 – 7.30 pm, AIP AGM 7.30 – 8:00 pm


The AGM will be held directly after the lecture at the same location. Please find attached a poster (2016_Nobel_Lecture_MFuhrer) on the lecture and  a map showing the location of the lecture hall at Swinburne’s Hawthorn Campus.